Automatic loader robot

At REM Vision Tech we have incorporated into our range of lathes the possibility of being completed with our autoloading robot, available in two versions: RL1000 to manufacture with a single lathe, and RL2000 to be able to work with two machines simultaneously.

In both versions, the autoloading robot has 6 axes, with which it can manage up to 400 parts stored per machine, for uninterrupted operation of the lathes in the manufacture of lenses.

The RL1000 loader robot works together with a REM lathe. It automates the entire lens manufacturing process, loading and unloading the parts on the lathe automatically. In this way, the REM lathe can be kept in operation for approximately 20 hours a day, provided the supply magazine is regularly reloaded.

The RL2000 allows this work to be simultaneously carried out on two REM lathes through management software. In this way, it is possible to significantly increase production. As in the previous version, you can get to work with the lathes for approximately 20 hours a day.