R400Pro Series lathe + Optional for toric lenses

R400Pro Series is a new generation high precision 2-axis CNC automatic lathe. It is designed to automate the lens lathing process, thus achieving a high surface quality.

It is a multi-tool lathe with the capacity to include up to 7 cutting tools configurable according to the Customer’s requirements, with 2 oscillating tools. Includes DC spindle with air bearings, with great axial precision and speeds up to 10,000 RPM. It has air bearing slides with linear motors and CNC control, as well as linear optical encoders with high resolution.


R400Pro Series incorporates its own software, SoftLENS 400, licensed under Windows 10 Professional and programmed in completely open international ISO G-Code. With this software, the manufacturing parameters are configured, designs of contact lenses and IOL are generated and the automatic calibration of the machine is carried out. In addition, it includes an application for the front turning of pre-molded colored lenses.

Allows communication with CAD / CAM, Focal Points and other platforms. It can also be integrated into ERP systems. Offers the ability to access licensed designs remotely.

With this lathe you can manufacture contact lenses and IOL: multicurve, corneal, scleral, toric, bitoric lenses, etc., with spherical, aspherical, multifocal, inverse geometry designs. It allows the manufacture with all types of RGP, hydrogel, silicone hydrogel materials, hydrophibic and hydrophobic.

Our R400Pro Series machine is configurable with different options. It can include the RL1000 / RL2000 autoloading robot for uninterrupted lathe operation.

It can also be configured with the optional ASG Pro Oscillating Tool. With this accessory, up to 10 toric curves can be manufactured on the internal and external face of the lens, prism and dynamic stabilization. It incorporates a reference point marker tool and an axis detector, with micrometric secondary lateral sensor.

With the R400Pro Series lathe you will get quality lenses, minimizing your manufacturing times. With this, you will gain in repeatability, you will increase your production and therefore, you will reduce costs, increasing your turnover achieving the highest productivity.

Technical specifications


  • Stroke: 500 mm / 19 “
  • Maximum speed: 25 meters / minute
  • Precision: 1 nm
  • Acceleration; 1.7 s
  • Repeatability: 0.0001 mm


  • Stroke: 200 mm / 8 “
  • Maximum speed: 25 meters / minute
  • Precision: 1 nm
  • Acceleration; 1.7 s
  • Repeatability: 0.0001 mm


  • Speed: 10,000 RPM
  • Precision: 1 nm
  • Acceleration; 0.2 s
  • Repeatability: 0.01º
  • 12.70 mm high precision pneumatic gripper
  • Dimensions: 800 mm (Depth) x 900 mm (Width) x 1,900 mm (Height) / 31” x 36” x 74”
  • Weight: 650 kg / 1.433 lb
  • Shipping weight: 850 kg / 1.874 lb

Installation requirements

  • Air: 13m³ / h @ 6 kg / cm² (Filtered and dry)
  • Aspiration: > 20 kPa – diameter manifold 50 mm
  • Temperature: Between 20ºC and 23ºC / 68ºF to 73.4ºF
  • Relative humidity: Between 25% and 40%
  • Voltage: 220-240V AC single phase – 50/60 Hz – 10A