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REM Vision Tech is a Spanish company that is the result of the effort of a multidisciplinary team of specialized professionals, with extensive experience in the field of special contact lenses. Our company was founded in 2013 to formulate and implement optimal solutions for optical businesses around the world.


State-of-the-art machinery for the optical industry

CNC lathes

Our range of CNC lathes for the manufacture of special contact lenses. Complete benefits, precision and quality.

Automatic loader robot

There are two updated versions: RL1000 to manufacture on a single lathe and RL2000 to work with two machines simultaneously.

Laser engraver

This laser engraver is our best tool for marking lots and / or references on finished lenses, achieving production registration.

LabTRACKER software

We offer the Client control of traceability and processes, as well as the management of the entire production process.

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Comprehensive tailor-made projects

We offer equipment supply, comprehensive consulting, production training, supervision and technical support.


Complete solution with excellent Customer Service

REM Vision Tech has a team of experienced professionals

Our comprehensive solutions include Customer Service available throughout the entire process