LabTRACKER software

Our LabTRACKER software helps laboratories in management and manufacturing, improving production control and traceability. With this software you will optimize your production process.

This software directly and in real time manages the lens orders that the doctor makes to the manufacturer. Each order is recorded with a work order number which is associated with a QR code or barcode on the chuck and on the working tray. In this way, that lens will always be located and each process carried out on it will be recorded. In this way, it is possible to follow and verify the entire manufacturing cycle of each lens and obtain surveillance for quality control.

In addition, production statistics are provided and all the parameters that make up any lens are recorded, obtaining complete traceability.

Our purpose is to improve the competitiveness of our Clients. With the LabTRACKER software we take a technological leap that offers comprehensive production control.