About us

High precision technology specialists

REM Vision Tech is a Spanish company founded in 2013. We develop machinery and solutions for the optical industry around the world. We help companies to be more competitive.


We are a team of engineers, mathematicians, opticians and computer programmers who work to provide the best solutions to the industry. We are committed to innovation in products and services so that you have a completely personalized solution.

We strive to improve the competitiveness of our Clients. We seek the growth of your business by generating added value and reducing your costs.

Our Clients have a team of specialists and technicians at their disposal who provide excellent service. We provide flexibility, agility and customization, offering support in several languages.

We give REM Vision Tech warranty on all equipment and in addition, the assurance that our services are what your laboratory needs.

We are a unique partner that is involved with passion, commitment and effort.