Laser engraver

The LML1000 laser engraver is our best tool for marking lots and / or references on finished lenses. With it, the production record is achieved, as well as better traceability and repeatability of the final product.


Our LML1000 laser engraver includes a 19” high resolution screen PC with ergonomic arm. It also integrates software through which, with a simple configuration, the recording of texts or codes on the surface of the lenses is achieved in seconds. They can be marked individually or in manufacturing trays of up to 16 lenses, either with the same text or code, or with different content for each one of them.

It offers different possibilities for configuring the marking parameters: font, style, size, engraving depth, etc. It also allows the inclusion of texts through a barcode reader or the PC keyboard.


Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 800 mm (Depth) x 900 mm (Width) x 1,900 mm (Height)
  • Weight: 650 kg.
  • Shipping weight: 850 kg.
  • Voltage: 220-240V AC single phase – 50/60 Hz – 20A
  • Power: 10w